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Navigating the holidays in a power dynamic relationship

Christmas can be a stressful time.  Christmas can be a lonely time.  Christmas can be a wonderful and fun time.

Whatever Christmas and the holidays mean to you there are often expectations that means that it is different than other times of the year.  For many people, whatever type of relationship they are in Christmas can present special challenges.  Family commitments, financial expectations, additional housekeeping, broken routines.  Those of us living in a power dynamic relationship often welcome structure and routine – so how do you maintain a level of “normality” in your relationship and your dynamic over the holiday period?

Maybe on the “s” side of the slash you get to be super submissive for Christmas – perhaps explore your inner child.  Maybe on the “M” or “D” side of the slash you enjoy the planning and extra responsibility of the holidays.

According to one article the top things that people get most stressed about around Christmas time include:  Crowds and long lines, Gaining weight, Getting into debt, Gift shopping, Travelling, Seeing certain relatives, Seasonal music, Disappointing gifts, Having to attend holiday parties or events, Having to be “nice”!

Maybe your relationship dynamic helps to cope with the stresses of the holidays.  Do you have any protocols or additional routines that you implement that help?

Maybe your dynamic has to take a reduction in protocol to cater to visiting family and children.  How do you maintain your mindset and dynamic when you need to be on low protocol?

Do you just take a deep breath and look forward to it all being over and things can back to normal?


We discussed this topic at a PDRelate live meeting Wednesday 14th Dec 2016.

You can listen to the recorded discussion by logging in and visiting the PDRelate podcast.



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