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Master Joe and slave kim are based in Australia and run one of the MAsT Chapters over there.  This website is kim's website and has...

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Master Len is a veteran in the BDSM community, a professional background in "film making" (of the porn variety), and while still actively involved in...

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A deep and meaningful conversation with a gay male bdsm slave. Steffen Voss is a fully collared and owned slave with a Sir of 16 years....

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Shay and Stef shared a glimpse into their own dynamic and their use of verbal and physical protocol to help them achieve their desired headspace.

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On this episode Krissy interviews Raven Caldara and his slave Joshua. They are the authors of 34 books and will discuss one of the books,...

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National Coalition for Sexual Freedom's Judy Guerin discusses the history of consent, the complex legal notion of consent in the United States, and Consent Count...

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Krisssy and Woody talk with Master Trish and slave pat about the importance of compassion and self compassion within a relationship. Self compassion is discussed...

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From Kinky Cast: April 1, 2016 - Prater & Julie - A Different Kind of Relationship This week we bring you, Prater & his wife...

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A Thesis by Emily Rothbauer ABSTRACT All literary representations of alternative lifestyles have the potential to impact alternative lifestyle communities and practitioners, but this influential...

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