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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu

With the start of a new year we often hear talk of new beginnings but every beginning is new at some point and everyone started their journey into power dynamic relationships with a beginning.

Casting your mind back to your own beginnings into D/s or BDSM or M/s (however you define your power dynamic relationship)?  Can you remember your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences?  Were they intense and romantic?  Were they painful or uncomfortable?  Perhaps you remember feeling like you’d arrived home in finding this type of relationship.  In contrast perhaps you were cautious and took your time, were unsure and needed to find your place within it all?

Perhaps you are at a beginning.  The beginning of your journey of discovery into this type of relationship or the beginning of a new relationship or the beginning of a new phase in your relationship.  What are your expectations?  How will you navigate your way?  What questions do you have?

I remember feeling immersed in something that both made me feel excited and nervous, sometimes confused, sometimes reckless, sometimes cautious.  Like I had somehow found some wonderful secret that “others” didn’t know about.  It was delicious, and I drank from it thirstily.  I fell into M/s and I bathed in it, swimming deeper and deeper.  This beginning for me was something both wonderful and enlightening.  I had found and been found.

What of “frenzy”?  Some consider it an urban myth, some consider it something only “s” types experience – is there such a thing as sub (or Dom) frenzy when discovering BDSM?  What are your thoughts on that?  Have you experienced any kind of frenzy in your journey?

I remember considering an intensity curve – how one can dive in so deep and become wonderfully immersed in the beginning, almost not wishing to come up for air.  As the reality of the relationship (as with any relationship) develops the intensity might decline but as we learn more and greater depth can be reached.  Is that something common to many or only some?

And are all these experiences any different from any other type of relationship?  Were they any different for you?

You are invited to remember your beginnings and share with us your experiences, your thoughts and behaviours, your feelings, the highs and lows.  Perhaps there are a few “facepalm” moments in there for you….I know there were for me.

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