PDRelate is aimed at providing information, signposting and networking opportunities for people interested in, or living in a power dynamic relationship.

Power dynamic relationships are described in many ways and can often be misunderstood.  Much of the misunderstanding surrounding power dynamic relationships stems from the labels and terminology used.  Terms such as Master and slave historically have very different meaning than the way these terms are used in relation to consensual power dynamic relationships.

PDRelate looks to support other organisations that promote healthy and authentic power dynamic relationships.  We encourage members of the community to get involved, share their experiences and contribute to making power dynamic relationships more accessible and acceptable in a modern world, reducing marginalisation and isolation.

Please browse and enjoy the resources available here.  We hope you find them useful.  To access our podcast, groups, forums and live meetings please register here.  If you have something to share – an event, article, resources, please get in touch.

Whilst sex may (or may not) from an important part of any relationship, our primary focus here is not sex but more so the relationship.  If you’re looking for sex you may have more luck on other sites.  That said, we do invite anyone to explore their sexuality as part of their relationship and personal development and contributors to this site may indeed include reference to the sexual aspects of their relationships in sharing their experiences.

We recognise that for many people fantasy is an important element in maintaining a happy reality within their relationships however, we feel that there are plenty of online resources already available for pure fantasy and suggest that for you to get the most from this website and its resources you will be able to distinguish between what is fantasy and what is reality.  Both can be valuable in any authentic relationship.