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The power of surrender…a mindful gift?

So I came across an article and there were a couple of paragraphs that I really liked, especially when put into context of D/s but also in terms of one’s own individual reflections.

Surrender sounds like it’s a passive state of mind, but in fact, it is the most powerful state of mind we can imagine. Our minds can waste so much time being bogged down with minutia we can never control. In sacrificing ourselves, we come under the false belief – and in truth a bigger arrogance – that if we manage all these details, everything will work out. Instead of success, what we end up realizing is that somewhere down the line we lost sight of our objective.

Surrender keeps us focused on the big picture, and allows us to more easily discern what details need to be managed to maintain our commitment, and what can be left on the cutting room floor.

By Kenn Gordon

The original article

It rather reminded me of this from Alan Watts:

It also feeds more into my self-reflection and theorising that submission can be a positive enabler to mindfulness.

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